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Musician   |   Professor   |   Admissions Consultant and Advisor   |   Author   |  Fulbright Specialist

Tom Stein, M.Mus

Tom is a musician, music educator, global music industry and educational consultant, and a cultural diplomat.


Tom has been active in the music industry for over 40 years and has performed in over 30 countries on guitar, electric bass, and voice.


He is an author and speaker who has given workshops and master-classes at leading colleges and universities around the world.


Tom has developed, tested and refined strategies for how to succeed as a musician for his own career. He has shared these strategies with his students over the years and now he wants to share them with you!

"Music has provided me with a living, but perhaps equally or more important, I get to perform with great musicians, travel the world, and share my music with others." ~ Tom Stein

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    College Admissions

    For high school students applying to undergraduate programs and college students applying for graduate studies, Tom can help you to gain acceptance to a top music school.


    One-to-one consulting to help any student apply for and succeed in a top music school - undergraduate and graduate level. Also, help for careers in music for musicians at any level.


    Coaching for any audition. Tom can help you with selecting songs, musical arrangements, vocal and music performance, stage presence, performance anxiety, and more!


    The Business of Music Management

    How To Survive and Thrive in Today's Music Industry

    by Tom Stein


    Admissions Season

    Most music colleges and university music programs have a window which opens up in the beginning of September.


    Core Studies for Music Students

    Read about the major areas of study in music. Find out what current students are studying and how they go about it.


    A Day in the Life of a Music Student

    Read what it is like for a student enrolled in a full-time music program at a top college or university today.

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